John L. Ory Communication Arts Magnet School

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Principal's Message


Welcome Ory Family!



In this unprecedented year of 2020, we are so pleased to be extending a welcome back to all of our scholars, parents, faculty, and staff!



Scholars (Students), we have so much to share with you this coming school year! We will continue to help you develop, to grow, and to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers! As you know, classes will be structured differently, but your teachers and administrators are always here to assist you.  I believe in you and challenge all of you to believe in yourself, too, this year as we LEVEL UP with CHANGE!  We have been through a lot and getting through this school year should be a worthwhile challenge for us all.


Parents, we will build on Ory’s past successes and embrace the best techniques to compile the most successful learning strategies ever!  Bearing in mind the havoc COVID-19 has caused, we are still in full safety compliance, and full education mode.  Whether your children are Virtual, Hybrid, or Full-Time, we have been increasing our faculty and staff’s capacity to help your children make progress in the most positive learning environment possible. Our purpose is still to provide children professional teaching and inspire active learning – period! Parents, it is crucial for you to remain actively involved in your child's education with the integrated technology we have provided for you. You play the essential role in building your child’s growth mindset (a belief that skills and talents can be developed and are not fixed) and in effecting their academic outcomes.


This year, I invite you to welcome our new faculty Mrs. Courtney Naquin (Kindergarten), Mrs. Katrina Walters (4th Grade), Mrs. Keila Cook (6th Grade), and of course all of our new scholars joining us this year.  We all have a part to play! We cannot do it alone. We need all of our student scholars, parents/families, and stakeholders to help our children to grow into the leaders, achievers, individuals, visionaries, and excellent scholars we believe they can are! Working together, we will rise as Eagles and soar toward a very successful and rewarding school year!


Best regards,

Monica Brown